• The aims and objectives of the work of Swaroopyog
◦ To make clear the central theme of Indian Culture
◦ The cultivation of hidden strengths in all human beings
◦ Scientific guidance on Meditation
◦ Awakening of Patriotism and Spiritualism
Activities • Spiritual Lectures :
◦ Shreemad Bhagwadgeeta – Dnyaneshwari
◦ Shree Dasbodh
◦ Meditation Guidance
◦ The biography of Saints and their literatures
◦ Amritdhara
◦ Lecture Series on audio cassettes
◦ Lectures on C.D.s
• Meditation Guidance and Satsang – Resolving Queries
◦ Guidance on all aspects of Meditation
◦ Spiritual Counseling

• Centers
◦ Centers for youths and others
◦ Session for everybody covers:
◦ Meditation
◦ Spiritual Lectures
◦ Study of Spiritual Books (Swadhyay)

• Sessions for Youths covers: ◦ Study of Spiritual Books (Swadhyay)
◦ Guidance for Personality Development
◦ Guidance for communication skills development
◦ Group Discussions
◦ Individual Presentations
◦ Special guidance to youths on Dynaneshwari and Dasbodh
◦ Occasional visits by Swamiji at all Places in India and foreign countries
◦ Guidance by Swamiji at all places where the activity is being carried
◦ Swamiji’s lectures during his visit
◦ Meditation and question-answer sessions
◦ “Abhanga – Bhavataranga” Programme
◦ Guidance on Meditation

• Shibir (camps) (Short Residential Spiritual Course)
◦ Special camps for Youths
◦ Teaching the technique of keeping up regular spiritual follow up in today’s busy and stressful life
◦ Guidance on Meditation technique and process
◦ Guidance on Personality Development
◦ Yoga Exercises and practical
◦ Teaching the method of practicing spiritualism in our daily lives
◦ Swamiji’s discourse inspiring patriotism
◦ Wonderful songs written by various saints about God.(Abhang)
◦ Dindi (March)
◦ Senior citizen residential camps, Anand Yatra
◦ Long duration Meditation
◦ Discourse
◦ Realisation of various traits and encouragement by Swamiji during the program

• Publications (Refer Publications' page for full details)
◦ Books
◦ Cassettes
◦ VCD’s

• Programs on Bhavtarang ◦ Singing of Saint’s poetic compositions (Abhang)
◦ Swamiji’s explanation on Abhang

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